PocketMoney to QIF v0.3.2 - 25 November 2005
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pm2qif is a simple Perl script that will export transactions stored in a PocketMoney for PalmOS to a standard Quicken Interchange File (.qif), used by many finance applications as a standard import/export format.

I specifically wrote it for use with GNUCash.


Not many. It aims to be pretty simple; ie. it takes some transactions in one format (PocketMoney) and spits them out in another (.qif).
It does, however..:


Version 0.3.2 release - Another tiny update to add support for big-endian machines such as PowerPC based Apple Macs

Version 0.3.1 released - This is a very minor update to add support for PocketMoney v3.1.x

Version 0.3 released - Restructured to support the new DB format used by PocketMoney 3.0.0 while retaining support for older versions.
If you're looking to upgrade to PocketMoney 3.0 from an older version please be sure to read the section on upgrading in the readme file.

Version 0.2 released - Minor updates to add support for versions of PocketMoney >2.5.0


pm2qif-0.3.2.tar.gz - 0.3.2 released 25/November/2005
pm2qif-0.3.1.tar.gz - 0.3.1 released 19/August/2004
pm2qif-0.3.tar.gz - 0.3 released 16/May/2003
pm2qif-0.2.tar.gz - 0.2 released 26/December/2001
pm2qif-0.1.tar.gz - 0.1 released 28/July/2000

Perl v5.004 or later
p5-palm perl modules


Please make sure you read the README file in the archive for some quick instructions on how to get started.


Feedback can be emailed to gareth@omnipotent.net
or make use of the facilities on the SourceForge project page to register bug reports, etc.


pm2qif is released under the GNU General Public License version 2

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